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30. Zeenat Noorani on the Self-Awareness Journey

30. Zeenat Noorani on the Self-Awareness Journey

June 8, 2021

How can you improve your wellbeing and mental health? 

My guest here in Episode 30 is Zeenat Noorani, a wellbeing and mental health therapist, coach, author and radio presenter. 

Her mission is “Helping you achieve the life you desire - helping you find and forge your path.” 

Zeenat explains: 

- How a career change went wrong for her

- How she sought to solve a problem she experienced herself

- Why wellbeing and mental health awareness should be more than a tick-box exercise

- How showing weakness can be empowering

- Why you should seek support before hitting rock-bottom

- How making things better starts with your own self-awareness

- Why mindset is key

- Why we’re all on a learning journey

- The balance between accountability and ownership

- How you can get and maintain a 6-pack

- What makes a strong business partnership

- Her vision for wellbeing and mental health as part of the school curriculum

Zeenat’s best advice is to make sure you’re passionate about what you do.


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