The Project Future Podcast

42. Mark Jarvis on Working Hard on Smart Things

August 31, 2021

How can you increase growth in your business without working longer hours? 

My guest here in Episode 42 is Mark Jarvis, a business mentor who inspires forward-thinking business people to grow themselves and build better, stronger and smarter businesses. 

In this conversation Mark explains: 

- What can be achieved if you surround yourself with the right people 

- How to grow your business when your diary is already full 

- The difference between growth and expansion 

- What the 60-20-20 Principle is, and why you should implement 

- The common misconception of what constitutes working ON the business 

- The power of referrals, if done right 

- How to deliver a great speech 

Mark’s best advice is to get somebody to help you. 


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